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Blue Wicked – Jeremy Heiden Digital Compact Cassette Edition

  1. You’re Not Alone (Album Mix)
  2. Message Received
  3. Collide
  4. I’m Waiting
  5. Blue Wicked (Club Extended)
  6. While You Were Sleeping
  7. You’re Not Alone (12 Inch Extended)
  8. Money Or Me
  9. Lost Angel
  10. Let I Be Me
  11. He’s Got You
  12. I Won’t Hurt Forever
  13. The Unknown
  14. I Wanna Go Back

    DCC Back Blue Wicked - Jeremy Heiden

    Blue Wicked – Jeremy Heiden DCC Back

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The first official NEW Title on DCC in almost 25 years, Blue Wicked – Jeremy Heiden.  Since this release Jeremy and CCM have been working with the Digital Compact Cassette Museum to release one new title on DCC each year since!  This title was featured on the youtube channel Techmoan, as well as VWestlife and it just took off.  This even led to the filming of the documentary “DCC.. There Is Still Music Left To Write” produced and directed by Ralf Porankiewicz, curator of the DCC museum and now manager to Jeremy Heiden.  The film featured Jeremy among so many other amazing and influential people in entertainment associated with the DCC.  It premiered on June 22 in Eindhoven, Netherlands at the original Phillips NATLAB, where Jeremy himself gave one of the keynote addresses.  This title is manufactured true to the format with all original packaging, duplication with song titles, and full range 19bit digital audio.  The liner notes contain a hologram of authenticity and autograph from the artist.

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