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Jeremy was featured in the documentary “DCC… There Is Still Music Left To Write”. The documentary about the early 90’s digital audio format by Phillips Co.. The movie featured interviews with Phillips product developers, the original designers, as well as Jeremy Heiden, who was the first commercial artist to release a title officially on the format since it was discontinued in 1996. The movie explained the format, the history, the fan craze that is responsible for the resurgence as well as why the product was discontinued prematurely. The movie premiered in Eindhoven, Netherlands on June 22, 2019. The movie was preceded by appearances by “Techmoan” (Matthew Taylor), Carly Porankiewicz, Jeremy Heiden, and the producer/director Ralf Porankiewicz. In attendance was most everyone featured in the film. The film was expected be be released to the general public for retail sale spring in the year of 2020.

As well as the DCC, Jeremy has received notoriety for having his 2017 release “Blue Wicked”, available commercially on Minidisc, in both retail box packaging, and CD style packaging, compact cassette with Dolby S noise reduction and chrome tape, double color vinyl in full limited edition numbered packaging, compact disc, 8-track cartridge, DAT audio tape, and a world first, the Elcaset. No commercial releases have ever been released on the Elcaset format since its invention in 1976.

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Jeremy was interviewed by Steve Guttenberg https://www.cnet.com/news/jeremy-heiden-blue-wicked-releasing-his-music-on-every-audio-format/. The “all formats” release idea has gotten a lot of attention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlGzcCeNT2o from all over the world. There have been a handful of people that officially have purchased the entire “Blue Wicked” product line, and even they received attention as audiophile collectors. “Blue Wicked” has been reviewed and played for its formats on such youtube influencer sites as “Techmoan” and “VWestlife”. The worlds “Complete” music database even had to custom author their site to add the Elcaset to the format listing possible since Jeremy made the commercial release. The Elcaset and DCC seem to be the most rare formats and two formats that only Jeremy has revived with a new title.

Jeremy has been working with the DCC Museum since 2016, not only releasing the “Blue Wicked” album, but working closely with the curator and founder of the museum, Ralf Porankiewicz on other titles. Each year since, a new Artist from Jeremys’ record label Causing Change Media. The 2018 release was SGT. 606, an album Jeremy signed and produced back in 2000. The 2019 title was personally announced in his opening speech before the DCC documentary at the Phillips NatLab, in the Netherlands, Angela Lashley – “Run Girl Run”. The “Run Girl Run” release, like all of the Angela Lashley titles was concept to completion designed and manufactured by Jeremy personally and is a limited run of 100.

Jeremy started Causing Change Music in 1995, and officially trademarked the name in 1996. The label was formed not only to release his own titles, but to sign artists of all genres, manufacture ultra high end media with the mantra “never out of print”. After releasing his first maxi single “You’re Not Alone” in 1996 on the label every other single, and then full album “Kindred Spirit” was all released with the label. Jeremy was one of a two person band “Digital Distortion” releasing their only title in 1999 “Homospastic”. It was a pure electronic EDM release with only one track containing samples from “Kindred Spirit”. The label mantra was challenged in 2000 with the breakup of the band “Steel Bonnets”. The band reformed but one of the original members refused to agree to the terms of the label contract, and the title was forcibly discontinued. After that the label closed the recording studios under the labels roof, and from then on relied on external studios to produce the CCM titles. Studio One, in racine was the studio of choice with engineer Chris Djuricic (Bell City Destroyers, Jungle Rot, & Novembers Doom) hand picked for the labels most important and exclusive albums. The studio upgraded and moved, it is now called “Bell City Sound Company” in Racine Wisconsin. Currently the label maintains the digital residuals of its’ prior production line and artist roster.

Beyond the audio life, Jeremy is also a videographer and designer. Having designed most every album or having a hand in the design of most every release under the label. Jeremy works as the exclusive video archiver videographer for Drag performances at the night club he DJs’ on special occasions “OZ’ in Wausau Wisconsin. He also has filmed for commercial release, live bands such as “NUNA” and the final performance at Summerfest Milwaukee of “Great Guns” later released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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