Blue Wicked – MINIDISC


  1. You’re Not Alone (Album Mix)
  2. Message Received
  3. Blue Wicked
  4. I Wanna Go Back
  5. Collide
  6. I’m Waiting
  7. While You Were Sleeping
  8. Money Or Me
  9. Lost Angel
  10. Let It Be Me
  11. He’s Got You
  12. I Won’t Hurt Forever
  13. The Unknown
  14. Blue Wicked (Club Extended)
  15. You’re Not Alone (12 inch Extended)

    Minidisc Back Jeremy Heiden

    Back of the Retail Packaging of the Blue Wicked Minidisc by Jeremy Heiden

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Blue Wicked – Jeremy Heiden on Minidisc in original Retail Packaging Jewel box with Hologram serial number and artist signature in liner notes insert.  New Old Stock retail case packaging is super ultra hard to find, we have been stocking them for decades at CCM, and have a very very limited stock left.   These are so rare world wide that the price unfortunately reflects the rarity of the product.  To off set that however we are offering an alternative if you still want the minidisc but cannot justify the high cost of the original 90’s retail packaging.  We are offering a CD Jewel case style Minidisc option that is priced competitively to the Cassette.   Both minidisc contain they same song line up with Track Name Text display data.  This packaging includes SONY ES media, the highest quality professional end audiophile media in the minidisc line by Sony, to make this just that a bit more special and each is duplicated in real time using the original Sony VAIO PCV-MXS20 systems connected with multiple Sony MDS-B5 units.  It is an amazing process and we will load a video eventually to show how all this was accomplished if we get enough requests for it.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 2 in
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