Blue Wicked – ELCASET type II

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Ultra Rare Stereo Type II ELCASET fully commercial retail release.

Side ONE

  1. You’re Not Alone (Album Mix)
  2. Message Received
  3. Collide
  4. Blue Wicked (Club Extended)
  5. While You Were Sleeping

Side TWO

  1. You’re Not Alone (12 Inch Extended)
  2. Money Or Me
  3. Lost Angel
  4. He’s Got You
  5. I Won’t Hurt Forever
  6. The Unknown
Blue Wicked - Jeremy Heiden Elcaset Back

Blue Wicked – Jeremy Heiden Elcaset Back

The Elcaset - Jeremy Heiden

The Elcaset – Jeremy Heiden Blue Wicked

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ULTRA RARE, and the worlds FIRST and only at this time, commercially released professional title the music industry has ever released on the Elcaset format.  The Elcaset was released to the wold in 1976, it was a middle ground between the reel to reel spools and the Compact Cassette we know of today and commonly use today.  The Blue Wicked album by Jeremy Heiden fits perfectly on this format, with the audio tape being type II FeriChrome tape.  Very full range, very clear spectrum, almost zero noise level.  Its amazing how far ahead they were at the time with tape technology and recording/playback heads.  This album when played back on properly maintained Elcaset equipment especially the system used to record it the SONY EL-7, is indistinguishable from the Compact Disc in sound quality, but with a slightly warmer feel.  This recording has been mastered directly for this format as are all the special versions of the Blue Wicked product line.  Research has gone into each format release to ensure that the best most experienced format fanatics we could find worked on the title. This was with he intention to be extremely true and reflect the original content of the artistic vision, and to satisfy the audiophile with a new experience of a current title on what may be thought of as an obsolete format.  We take pride offering these titles to you on your favorite format.

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