New Product Line…

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The new product line in the Dark Wicked launch will be exciting. The new Blue Wicked wrist bands are out and will be included with every order, including the wristband orders!  When you order one wrist band, you get two, since a free one will be included.

We are working on the new “PawPrint” shirt line for the Jeremy Heiden brand.  Puffells my cat, has influenced the PawPrint branding.  Puffells’ is reflective branding on every shirt that leaves the studio now here at CCM.

The 8-Track and The DAT audio tape are ready.  We will add new items to the shopping cart order form list soon.  You will see new product in the Dark Wicked announcement.

Digital Downloads, and other kicks ass stuff are all part of the new launch… more are being rolled out each month.  Check back every month.  The new listings. The new items. The blog interaction  .  .  .

Are you Dark Wicked?


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