Movie Premiere in the Netherlands… the new DCC and the JAPAN tour…

Sarah Dreger and Jeremy Heiden

Movie premiere takes me to the Netherlands, Eindhoven, a night of fun in Amsterdam, and off for a week in Tokyo!  OMG I LOVE JAPAN!  I don’t think all caps makes that point just exactly strong enough.  Its been a week now since I’ve been home and I still feel gity just typing that I got to go to Tokyo, its so amazing.  Everyone needs to go to Japan. Its so beautiful, the landscape, the people, the culture, the shopping… lol the land of SONY, and I come home with a Tascam!  I looked everywhere for a Sony, but all I could find was a Tascam. :/ Pioneer DJ, was popular, and I did see Sony headphones, if I looked hard enough, but none of the Japan exclusive recorders.  I was told they could order them, laughing, I said “Order them, you make them down the street, do you just call ahead?”.   Alas, no, they do not carry them locally often.  I guess its such a common brand there they don’t see the glitter explode from the middle distance and the clouds part like we do when we get a Sony.  It’s like getting a Coke, they are everywhere, although Pepsi is the Coke of Japan, they just refer to as the Cola of Japan, Love it,

Pepsi, the cola of Japan

Pepsi, the cola of Japan

Love Everything about it!!!

“OMG I LOVE JAPAN!,  I guess they don’t see the glitter explode from the middle distance, and the clouds part like we do when we get a Sony!”

I should be blogging about this movie premiere…  The “DCC, There Is Still Music Left To Write…” movie premiere in Eidenhoven, Netherlands.  It was so exciting to attend the premiere.  I was able to speak and announce the release of the new 2019 DCC this September “Run Girl Run” by ANGELA LASHLEY (one of my Causing Change Media recording artists).  Her collection of hits tell an remarkable story of the strength and resilience of the human spirit thru the embodiment of a woman.  It’s perfect for DCC because it’s in HighDef audio and that is exactly what DCC is, the future of audio, if it was 1991 :).  The Phillips tag line, DCC, its the future of audio but take the past with you, an amazing “Say it all” explanation of the DCC format.  Play all your old analog cassette tapes and all your new DCC format Digital Cassettes.  .  . well that is the basis of the DCC format, and I was able, not only to be a part of the Angela Lashley release and the Speech announcing the release, I got to be in the movie!  I was interviewed by Ralf, who happens to also by my music manager, about my experience as a musician working with formats under my CCM label, releasing “Blue Wicked” on DCC, and what I felt about the resurgence of the format.  It was a fun experience.  I can’t wait till the movie comes out, better yet till it hits Netflix and HBO!

Meeting everyone who was in the movie, the fans who came all that way not just to meet me, but to see this film and who love this format was just beyond this world.  I rarely get to be around this kind of excitement.  It is such a pure form of absolute true passion for something, that really has to be experienced.  Thank you Phillips, you really are an amazing company.  You are built by a community of people who love what they do and love who they do it for.


I will post some photos in the gallery from the trip and the video from the Angela Lashley announcement. I know there will be press about the announcement, look for all that too, its gonna be exciting!




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