Behind the Scenes of a live taping for the Top 20 Countdown Radio Show with Jeremy Heiden


Ever wonder how radio shows get made?  Wonder no longer, here is; once the show is compiled, the script is written and I head to the studio to read my script onto “tape”.  I have good days and bad, just like everyone else, and today was a bad day, lol.  I decided to show you a bad day so you can see the worst case scenario of how these things are done when the talent is difficult.  Not only was I messing up my lines constantly, but I was dropping my teleprompter, among other issues.  Check it out.  I wouldn’t normally “Love” to publish a video like this, but it is neat to see the real deal of how these things work.  I am in a sound room, Chris Djuricic, my engineer is in the master mixing room, in my headphones, I can hear him, and he can obviously hear me on the monitor speakers of the mastering room.  When I make a mistake he can make note of it, and mark the timecode, and if I don’t catch it (which I normally do) he does, and will instruct me to repeat the part he needs to repair that part of the recording.  Sometimes we have to re-write the show on the fly, this happened with the Prince part of this show, and other times we have to change song lineups last minute, also in this show. So you get to see both of these issues.  After the show is recorded, I will record the Station ID, and shout out liners that were requested by stations and listeners, and then do the commercials for that week.  This session I had two commercials to record.  I only included a small portion of the commercials since its the same process as the radio show.  There is my view in the sound room, and I included the view from the mixing room as well so you get both!  Hope you find it interesting, I added a running pop up commentary so you will get to laugh along with me 🙂

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