Blue Wicked

blue wicked, jeremy heiden, jeremy heiden album
August 4, 2017
Jeremy Heiden
Causing Change Music, The Orchard, Sony Music ATV, Jeremy Heiden, Causing Change Media
Producer: Jeremy Heiden, Chuck Butler
Number of discs: 1

Fully remastered format specific mastering process.  The nostalgic formats DCC, Compact Cassette, Elcaset, Colored Double Vinyl and MiniDisc as well as the Compact Disc are currently available. DAT, 8-Track and Reel to Reel coming soon. Digital editions from iTunes, Amazon, Tital and many many others, for purchase.  Stream from Spotify, Apple Music…  Everywhere, in any format, to fit everyone.

History made… “Blue Wicked” is the first commercial release on Digital Compact Cassette in 25 years… AND “Blue Wicked” on Elcaset is the first Commercial album by any artist or any label EVER since the format was created in 1976!  The special editions are very limited, get your copy today before they are gone.

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