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A SOUND VISION…The Making Of A Kindred Spirit

This book and CD-I were released for the Kindred Spirit album DELUXE PACKAGING. This was a special Order item and was not widely distributed. Only a limited number of these were ever made, all of which were numbered in sequence. The book was a stunning wire bound, plastic, gloss and velum paged “behind the scenes” look into the making of the album “Kindred Spirit”. The book consisted of hundreds of photos, lyrics in their original forms before editing into songs, poems written during this time by Jeremy, each song included a detailed explanation of its origins, a complete discography, and bio… a complete detailed diary of sorts. This book was only available at the release of the full album and was sold out quickly but not re-manufactured. The CD-Interactive was more of a promotional item to sell the book and was released for promotional use and distribution only. The CD-I not only contained a full PDF copy of the book as it was, but also contained numerous audio tracks exclusive to this item. These audio tracks were playable when inserted into a computer CD-Rom as well as additional audio tracks that would only play if you played the CD-I in a conventional CD Player. Some of the audio tracks were discussions with Jeremy and Christy King, Demo versions of unreleased songs, and very rare recordings of select album cuts performed LIVE as well as audio from the writing sessions. This item is now out of print but may see a revitalization for special promotional use. The physical book will not be re-released and is out of print/very rare.