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Message Received

“Message Received” – The follow up single to “Blue Wicked”. This CD Single is packaged in a CD Sleeve and contains 3 mixes of “Message Received”:

  1. Radio Chorus Edit
  2. Slowdown Extended
  3. Album Version

Jeremy is working with Producer/engineer Chuck Butler (previous work with the BackStreet Boys (Unbreakable), JC Chasez, Jordan Sparks and many others) and remixing with the talented Chris Djuricic (Novembers Doom). Co-writer Angela Lashley worked on this album, writing music and co-writing the song. Angela is also featured as the key co-writer of Blue Wicked, Jeremy’s most popular song to date.

This single is available on CD Single and Digital Download (iTunes,…). “Message Received” is the most heartfelt and emotional song Jeremy has written since “You’re Not Alone”. -Truly on of the best to date.

A CD-EP of this single contains 7 tracks, a full Jewel case release and booklet insert. The Cover song “I Wanna Go Back” and a remix is expected to be featured on the CD-EP. More on that to come, check back soon for the update.