Blue Wicked - Jeremy Heiden

Greatest Hits So Far, 20th Anniversary Edition

Fully remastered format specific mastering process.

DCC Cassette   JULY 2017

MiniDisc  August 2017

Vinyl 12 inch  September 2017

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MINIDISC: We have 4 options for MD.

Collectors Quality Flawless Packaging

Mint Condition Liner notes, Sony ES Series Professional MD Media.

Lightly Scuffed Cased MD

Cases had light wear, NO cracks.  MD and Liner Notes are Mint Condition but NOT SONY ES Series MD Media.

Heavy Scuffed and or small crack in case.

MD and Liner Notes are Mint Condition, outer case damaged. NOT SONY ES Series MD Media.

MiniCase cd style jewel case

This option features the album on MiniDisc, in a form fitting case slightly larger than the MD itself.  This form factor had no room for Bookelt or Tray liner, Simple Cover Art only. This option is best if you just care about the MD and not the case or liner notes with an affordable price for an obsolete media.

BackOrdered: Double Vinyl and Picture Disc shipping Mid September.  Limited edition to 500 copies only.  Each is gold serial numbered.  Will be reordered upon demand, but FIRST run is limited edition and will not be repressed in color vinyl.


Jeremy Heiden is releasing the special remastered album to celebrate the Physical Media Music Format, by issuing the best of his recording career, on the 20th anniversary of his first release.

This title is coming out on the best playback medium formats music as seen.  We firmly want to stress this release is a complete handshake between the artist and the medium.  Jeremy has completely modernized and remixed the best he has from the last 20 years, to celebrate the amazing format milestones that music has seen from pioneers of the industry like Phillips, Sony, RCA and so many more.

Music formats were so much a part of the excitement music has always tried to convey to the public.  When you went to the record store or even just the music department of your local all-in-one store, seeing a Vinyl with its huge graphics, the CD Longbox, the CD, The cassette adaptation of the vinyl artwork... it was memorable as well as exciting.  Digital media has taken away a tiny bit of the feel music can bring when it excited the eyes as well as the ears.

Finding your favorite format is exciting.  Being able to once again have that personal physical connection we once had to the music we love is so important.  We have gone out of our way to bring that back even if it is just for good old time sake.  We don’t want and should never forget the journey some of us cherish who were lucky enough to see the wave of innovation we were riding since the invention of recorded audio.  For some of us who may not have been there during the format wars, we are bringing back the experience for the first time authentic and true to the medium.  We have stayed as true to the original medium at the apex of each formats glory days.  This is a painstaking process.  We have scoured the earth to find the best of the best from audio to electronic engineers to make this what it is intended, a celebration of music and the physical format.

What ever format you choose to celebrate, or multiple or all of them, we hope it will rekindle the love of the visual side of sound.  We have liner notes for each format, explaining how the format came about, what the highlights and the disadvantages the industry struggled with and the evolution to the digital age.

Executive Producer Ralf Porankiewicz, aka “Doctor DCC” is the ringleader for the DCC format of this release.  Without Doctor DCC, the dream to breathe new life into forgotten formats may not have been possible.  Everyone who collaborated to make this happen has a story to tell and we would like to make you a part of this amazing process.  Once the recording is released we will be revamping this site to celebrate the MiniDisc specifically.   At that time we would like you to be a part of the development.  If you have a story to tell, a favorite memory to share, a product you own or love we can feature, or even just to sign the guest book with “I was here”, we look forward to your involvement.

A little about the Music:

This album contains not only the Greatest Hits from the “Kindred Spirit” album by recording artist and radio host Jeremy Heiden, but also includes unreleased material from the original sessions, and a handful of “Best Of” tracks from the past 20 years from Jeremy Heiden.  Some material on this collection has never been released prior, and tracks not released for the world market until now.  We are celebrating the love of physical media with this most special of recordings, on DCC, MiniDisc, Cassette, Colored Double Vinyl 12 inch, Compact Disc and of course a digital album.

Since these are intended to be high end audiophile collectors editions, only a very limited number will ever be manufactured.  Pre-order ensures you a copy on the format or formats you collect.

We are excited about this release, and the historic nature of the special formats that will be available.

If for any reason your order cannot be fulfilled, you will be notified and refunded, you will also get a complimentary digital copy of the complete remaster “Blue Wicked” album.  If you change your mind for any reason at any time prior to the day your product leaves our warehouse, you are entitled to a complete refund guarantee.  If your item arrives defective, we will replace, refund, or offer a substitute format, at your choice, and you will still received the digital album download as our gift to you.   We are human, and we know you are as well, and we are open to communication and compromise if need be.  If we make a mistake with shipping or you received the wrong item, email: or call 262-994-4369 and we will be happy to offer a solution to the issue that will be acceptable to you.  We strive to be above and beyond with our service.  We also offer a “forever promise” that if your product fails to function for any reason at any time under normal wear, we will replace your product.

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