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Digital Distortion – Homospastic

There were various stages up to the official release of DD’s first album. DD is a duet group consisting of Christy King and Jeremy Heiden. The album Homospastic contains 12 tracks although it’s original version (released in 1998) contained only 10 tracks. This 10 track version also had completely different artwork and was packaged in the standard hard case jewel box. The two tracks that were added to the current release are: Climax Ricchio edit (this song contains added guitar tracks performed by special guest Don Ricchio) and a re-mixed version of Jeremy’s song “Voice” off of the Kindred Spirit album. This album was recorded by Jeremy Heiden and Christy King. Homospastic consists of Techno, and uplifting computer generated dance beats. The various versions of the album were released to test the album’s retail potential. The album was then officially pressed for commercial release and distributed to the retail shelves on June 22nd 1999 in eco friendly DigiPack packaging. This is the debut album for DD, Jeremy’s first non-solo group. The album as with all currently available release can be purchased via the internet at, and elsewhere. You will find information as well as listen to the songs off of this and many other albums by Jeremy Heiden.