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Kindred Spirit

This is the debut studio/vocal album. The album consists of 12 tracks. 11 original songs by Jeremy as well as an acoustic remake of Cyndi Lauper’s 1984 hit Time After Time. The album is currently commercially available on Compact Disc and Cassette. The cassette contains a u-card that mirrors the CD. The cassette also has a blue metallic slips inside the cassette, creating a really nice unique look. The album was produced by Don Ricchio, Chris Djuricic, and Jeremy Heiden.

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You’re Not Alone – the Mini-Album (CD-EP)

This album was recorded during 1997 and was the first release off of Jeremy’s debut Studio/vocal album. The lyrics were written by Jeremy. The album was produced by Jeremy Heiden Chris Djuricic, and Eric Carlson. The music was created by Eric Carlson and Jeremy Heiden except “I Came Alone”, by Eric Carlson. The photography for this album was by Tina Gajewski and Christy King. This album was released on Compact Disc, Cassette, and Long Play Record (LP). The LP is a limited edition release of only 110 copies (10 of which are owned personally by Jeremy). The album contains 1 disc, or cassette of 4 tracks. Track listing: 1. You’re Not Alone – single mix, 2. Collide, 3. I Came Alone, 4. You’re Not Alone –Heiden Extended. “Collide” was the only song from this album to receive any long term radio play.

The single states that it is from the Causing Change Music release of “ACCEPTANCE” by Jeremy Heiden. This album was later changed from “Acceptance” to “Kindred Spirit”. “Acceptance” was the anticipated album title for the full release up to the last minute. Then with a weird twist Jeremy decided to alter the title, this caused a few problems because all of the pre-release promotional material already said “ACCEPTANCE”. Jeremy overlooked the title error and went ahead and released the album with the change. T-shirts, posters, stickers, and many other items were distributed with the wrong title and in the Picture Gallery are just a few of those items. Keep em’ if you got em’ they just might be worth something someday, material from the album that was never released!